seen by 1 million pupils!

The ALLANSMAGIC® ROAD SAFETY SHOW is a specially designed show to present key road safety messages to primary children in a unique but fun & entertaining way.

The ALLANSMAGIC® ROAD SAFETY SHOW also includes a presentation for older kids. It is a 45 minute show that includes the use of songs, magic, puppets, dancing and lots of interaction with the children.

The ALLANSMAGIC® ROAD SAFETY SHOW was initially developed with Aberdeenshire Council and Police Scotland The ALLANSMAGIC® Road Safety Show has been performed to well over 350,000 pupils throughout Scotland & the U.K. from Wick to London.

ALLANSMAGIC® present the show as a “safety entertainment presentation” rather than a magic show and ensure that pupils remember and retain the important messages. Key messages in the show include how to cross the road safely, wearing bright clothing and understanding what to do at pedestrian crossings, not capering, use of earphones/mobile phones.;

100% of those questioned after the show found the content informative or very informative AND 100% of schools who had the show would recommend it.

ALLANSMAGIC® is the North East’s premier family entertainment company who have been entertaining children of all ages since 2004.

“The Road Safety Magic Show from ALLANSMAGIC® is far better than any the so-called “safety magic shows” I have seen before. The difference being ALLANSMAGIC® have a properly thought out road safety presentation and NOT just a magic show with a road safety message tagged on!”
Jim Melville,Team Leader Road Safety- Ayrshire Roads Alliance