“The Road Safety Magic Show from ALLANSMAGIC is far better than any the so-called “safety magic shows” I have seen before. The difference being ALLANSMAGIC have a properly thought out road safety presentation and NOT just a magic show with a road safety message tagged on!” 
Jim Melville,Team Leader Road Safety, Ayrshire Roads Alliance

"Learning is at its most effective when it is fun and interactive. This is a positive way of conveying important messages about road safety to children in North Lanarkshire schools and the performances have been very well received by teachers and pupils. Frances Adams, North Lanarkshire Council 

Allans Magic’s Road Safety Magic show provides a fantastic, fun and early introduction to road safety education for young children, recent surveys with our schools suggest 100% would recommend the show, we are proud to have been partners in helping set up such a good initiative.
Joanna Stewart, Strategy Development Officer, Aberdeenshire Council 

The show was excellent and suitable for children across the educational spectrum. They all enjoyed it and were so enthusiastic. The Road Safety message was delivered successfully in a clear, interactive and fun way.
Ghislaine Tait, Headteacher, Moray Primary School, Grangemouth